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Sissy Spankings

I enjoy dressing my husband as a sissy school girl and then spanking him with a hair brush right across my knee in the bedroom. We usually have to wait for the kids to go out with their friend's on the weekends before we can safely play, but we manage to get in a few sessions a month. Our role-play is always a treat after a hard week of office and personal affairs. I believe it keeps our marriage from getting stale.

It's quite a thrill having him across my lap, with his regulation knickers about his ankles and bright rosy bare bum awaiting my attention. Hearing him mumble "Yes, Mistress" as I scold him for being "tardy" to class is quite the fun I must say. And of course, I thrash his poor bum for all I'm worth. Many is the time I've had to put him in the corner so I could rest my arm between spankings.

He is such a dear about it too. I think his mother used to make him wear his sister's clothes when he was young for punishment, so it's a natural carry-over to be disciplined by a woman while dressed as a sissy girl....and our love making is always so intense after a little training session. One of our favorite positions is to have him lie prone and masturbate with his knickers down while I sit on his face and wiggle my bottom back and forth across his mouth. Feeling his hot tongue against my rectum and seeing his erection in his hand while wearing his garters and pumps always makes me climax.

He once confessed to me that he sometimes fantasizes that I'm his mother and this is what happened when he was younger and being punished. That's alright, I understand it's only a fantasy, and besides.....

Matron knows best, right girls?

Karen D.

Posted: Wednesday 31st August 2005, 6:25 PM

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