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Sissy Men Suck Strapon

I love making my sissy husband get down on his knees and suck my strapon while my sister watches....LOL!

Why my sister? I'll tell you:

She used to be married to this real asshole of a guy. One of those men that could not say a single nice thing to his wife no matter what she did. They ultimately divorced and it wasn't pretty. She was fucked up about men for a long time from that asshole.

Anyway, when she found out I sissy trained my husband to keep him in line, she was blown away, she asked if she could watch so she would know how to handle a man in a simular situation if she ever got married again. Of course, I said sure!

My husband loves it because it adds to the delicious sexual humiliation and shame when we have our little "sessions". Being feminized into a sissy in front of a stranger is always a thrill, right boys?

Some pics I found of other sissy men sucking strapons for their Mistresses Sissy Men Suck Strapon

Have a peek and maybe show it to your wife to give her a few ideas.....


Lady Canie

Posted: Monday 29th August 2005, 7:46 PM

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