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sissy husband pic

Sissy Feminization Pics

I found a gallery of sissy feminization pics and they give the perfect idea for my husband Frank!

Sissy Feminization Pics

First, I'd put him in some frilly silk panties and make him wear some pretty pedal-pushers with little bows. I'd have him kneel beside me in the bathroom as I peed, and when I was done, and upon my command, he would have to delicately wipe my pussy dry....with his tongue!

I don't know why, but the idea of sissy training my husband as a toilet slave just makes me hot. I'd make him wait by the "throne" for my next visit...maybe even for hours! That would be a scream!

I'd call one of my girlfriends over and not tell her about Frank's new "position" - just wait for her to go to the restroom and discover my little secret! LOL!

Wouldn't that be a hoot???


Posted: Monday 22nd August 2005, 1:22 PM

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