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Pony Riding A Sissy Husband

Beth had a problem with her husband, Steve. He was letting himself get out of shape and chubby. he no longer looked good while dressed in his mini-skirt and high heels - something had to be done!

So, she hired me to get him into shape. My training routine for the fat putz? PONY GIRL RIDES!

Once bridled I whipped this sweating mound of male blubber around the room till he worked up a good sweat and I had a few hot wet orgasms on his neck. A few times a week should get this sissy husband back into a size 7 by spring and have him ready to model a bikini at the beach as his reward!

Come watch me Pony Riding A Sissy Husband and see what working out means for this bad boy!

But his wife is happy!


Posted: Friday 10th February 2006, 12:46 PM

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