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Husband Forced To Sissy Suck

A lady who gets the job done!

"Maxine ordered Ken to sit obediently on the couch before her and get ready to suck her strapon. "You're going to be the best little sissy cock sucker on the block" she sneered "My friend runs an escort surface and she tells me rich married men pay WELL for a sissy to suck them off!" Ken was horrified, was his wife REALLY thinking of training him to sissy suck other men's penises and then pimp him out? Open your mouth!" she bellowed as she put the strapon in his face "Take that rubber cock into your mouth and show me what a good little sissy husband whore you are!"..."

See this poor husband forced to sissy suck and marvel at his beautiful dominant wife's ability to keep him tame and docile!

Marge Large

Posted: Monday 18th August 2008, 11:40 AM

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