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Sissy Party Bitch Part Three

Here's the rest of Mistress Amanda's lovely tale of sissy training a husband in front of his wife at a party...

"I gently helped Henri insert his thick black cock into the boyfriend's greasy brown asshole. They both gasped slightly as his hard cock slid in all the way up to his balls. The crowd was dead silent, watching. "Okay, Henri, you may start fucking! The big black man started to move his thick cock back and forth in the slave's ass. I stroked the boyfriend's head "That's right, everyone in the room now knows you take cock in the ass like a sissy bitch". His eyes were clenched shut, as much from the pleasure as the shame. I turned to his waiting girlfriend.

"I've also got a cock for you, my sweet slut" I said as I fastened on my strapon and kneeled behind her upturned white ass. I lubed the end, splayed her thick pussy lips with my fingers and gently slid it in. She gasped as I again took a nice handful of hair. "I know how to ride sweet sluts like you, my dear. We don't want your sissy of a boyfriend having ALL the fun, now do we?". I started to give her a good fucking, trying to keep in rythm with Henri as he worked his cock in and out of the sissy boy's ass. Pretty soon the crowd was cheering us on as we rode our little slaves feverishly. They began to clap as the french couple's groans and cries of delight filled the room. Henri and I worked ourselves into a frenzy as we watched each other fuck."

Pretty soon he couldn't take it any more and pulled his cock from that pale white ass. He shot his hot semen all over the man's sweaty back as he furiously pumped his cock with his hand. I could feel the girl going limp beneath me, her pussy as wet as if she had just peed. I pulled the strapon out and simulated Henri's orgasm. The crowd went wild with applause. The French couple laid there, chests heaving, Henri's black body glistening with beads of sweat..."

I wish I could tell you the party turned into an orgy at that point, but nope, most of them just got drunk and talked about what they had just seen. It wasn't a total loss though, because I took Henri back to the hotel where me and my girlfriend took turns fucking the hell out him. Poor dear. I think he was almost happy to see us leave!

C'ya next soon!...

Mistress Amanda

Posted: Monday 17th October 2005, 12:34 PM

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