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Mommy And Her Sissy PT2

Here's the rest of our "Mommy and her Sissy" story...

"...After a few more delicious moments I got an idea. I stood up and walked around behind him. I took my finger and stroked his clenched asshole gently. He groaned. As I slid it back and forth I leaned in close to his ear and wispered "Be a good little sissy boy and cum for Mommy". "Yes, Mommy" he gasped and jerked his cock most furiously. I could tell he was about to explode when I quickly licked my middle finger and slid it straight up his tight asshole working it in and out. "Ahhhhh-" He gasped as his hot load shot all over the edge of the table and dripped on the floor "Oh, God...".

I took my panties off his head and slapped his bare bottom hard "Look at this mess! Get a towel and clean it up! NOW!". He scampered down off the table and into the bathroom for a towel as I stood there. It was a hoot to watch him move about the room with his pantiess at his ankles. When he was done I had him lay on the bed. I laid down beside him and cradled his head in my breasts. I took one of my tits out and put it in his face. "Open your mouth" I said and placed my pink nipple in his mouth. "Now close your eyes and suck like a baby, my sweet little sissy boy". He did so. "Mommy doesn't like being cross with you, but you must learn to be good" Kevin blissfully wimpered and nursed as I held him and rubbed his bare bottom. "Now take your nap" I cooed "And later you can help Mommy fix her hair". I kept him there a few more hours than sent him home to his wife. I allowed him to keep my panties and told him next time I see him, they should be cleaned and pressed. "If I see a single drop of your sticky cum on them, Mommy will take your own panties down and REALLY make you cry!". I have no doubt he'll jerk off with them every night just so "Mommy" will have an excuse to punish him.

And so it should be!

Epilogue - Kevin wants to bring his wife along next time to watch his humiliation. I told him I'll think about it and let him know. I like to take my time - no sense in granting him TOO much pleasure, right?!

See you later my dears!



Thanks, Mistress Amanda!


Posted: Monday 26th September 2005, 12:54 PM

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