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Miss Amanda Trains Sissies Pt2

Further entries from Miss Amanda's diary. See the first part in the archives.


After a few more moments of her pleasing me, I decided I'd like to watch her suck her husband off as he lay there with his little panties around his knees. "Olivia, you will now suck your sissy husband's little cock!" I ordered. "Sissy steve, you will put your hands under your body and lie completely still. If you even move an inch I'll beat you with my whip". I now made Olivia take his erect cock into her mouth, but told her she must not use her hands either. "I want you to move your head up and down as fast as you can". To make sure she obeyed I grabbed her arms and held them behind her back. "Now suck my little slut, I want to see the cum spill out of your mouth!". She sucked furiously and I could see Steve's body tremble as he fought to remain still under his wife's incredible onslaught. Seeing he couldn't take any more I leaned over and whispered in his ear "Alright, mommy says you can cum now my little sissy boy".

In an instant he shot his load into his wife's hot mouth, the cum streaming out between her lips as she fought to keep from gagging at the immense amount. I held her head down onto his pumping cock "Take it all, my little bitch, Mistress commands you swallow it!". She tried to contain it all in her mouth and I must admit I got really hot hearing the delicious slurping noises she made as she did. After a few minutes, as steve went limp, I allowed Olivia to wipe her mouth. "Use these" I said as I took my panties off of steve's head and handed them to her. "Sissy steve, you will now kneel with your ass in the air". He looked worried, wondering what was to come. "Do it, slave!". He kneeled and put his snow white ass up. "Olivia, you will take this paddle and administer some punishment to this sissy slave".

She took the leather paddle and gingerly smacked his ass with it. "Harder, you little bitch, or I'll whip you till you cry!". She gulped and started to smack her husband's ass like a pro. I took a seat and fingered my pussy (for I was now really wet) as I watched this timid married woman give her husband a humiliating spanking before me. "Tell him what a worthless pussy he is and that you're the man of the house now!" She did so. I could tell she was enjoying herself. "Stop" I ordered "Now you will put him in the corner and have him face the wall". Again she obeyed me, leading her husband to the corner and placing him against the wall like a punished child, his pink panties still around his thighs. "Come here, darling" I said to her "You will now be allowed to please your Mistress once again". She blushed but came to me as I held my hand out....

To Be Continued

Posted: Monday 12th September 2005, 11:46 AM

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