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I Fucked My Husband In The Ass

My husband Bill was such a pain in the ass! He was always yelling at me for not being the perfect wife he thought all his friends had (although I knew they were all cheating on their husbands like crazy). He used to berate me and say the meanest things - even in public. He once called me a "skinny ass trailer bitch" at a nice restaurant because I dared order a hamburger instead of the expensive pasta they were famous for!

So I took my mother's advice and bought the biggest strapon I could find! Now you might think having your mother tell you to buy a strapon to fuck your husband with was a bit, uh, kinky to say the least, but you don't know my mom. She worked as a Dominatrix for most of her life and was used to having to ass train and "break" bossy husbands for her rich female clients.

So I ordered the biggest strapon I could find off the internet and prepared to surprise him next time he opened his big mouth to me! The big night finally came a week later when he came home late from work and almost had me in tears because I let his dinner get cold!

I ran up to my room and took that big plastic cock out of it's box and put it on. Looking in the mirror, I decided to turn it upside down so the head would really spear his tight little asshole when the time came. Bastard! He was about to learn what it's like to be treated like a slave!

I snuck off to the sewing room and had a cigarette as I waited till he went to bed. Once he was alsleep I made my move. I had got a roll of duct tape at the hardware store earlier that week and I now put it to good use. Tearing off some long strips I proceeded to bind his wrists quickly as he lay there snoring in bed. He started to wake up just as I finished taping his bound wrists to the head board. "What the fuck..." he started to ask but I quickly stuffed a pair of my dirty panties in his mouth and applied another piece of tape across his mouth. I told him "Time to be my sissy bitch, HONEY!".

He was mine and the time had come to teach him a lesson he wouldn't soon forget! "Alright, you fucker" I said "Now let's see how you like being made to feel like a slave!". I turned him over and yanked down his boxer shorts to around his ankles. I grabbed a tube of lube I had waiting at hand and squeezed a big dollop out onto my middle finger.

"See this?" I sneered "Guess were this is going?" His eyes went wide and he struggled against the tape, but I had him and he couldn't break free. I spread his clenching asscheeks and put my greasy finger straight up his asshole without a second's hesitation.

"Like that, bitch!" I said "You're going to get fucked good and hard now, sissy!" He groaned as I lubed his asshole and gave him a good finger-fucking while I was at it. I slapped some more lube onto the strapon and taking it in my hand started to ease it into his tight little asshole. He moaned and groaned but I kept shoving it in till I had it all the way up his ass. "Good, boy!" I said "Now let's get started with your education!".

I began to pump the strapon in and out of his asshole. Harder and harder I fucked, fairly slamming my pelvis against his naked butt as nice squishing noises filled the room along with his groans of shame and humiliation!

The bastard! He had asked for it and now he was getting it - a good strapon ass fucking from his wife! I felt so free and in control as I pumped him like the pig had done me so many times!

But that was the past! From that night forwards I was the one who "wore" the cock in our house. Bill soon learned his asshole was just my plaything I could demand his ass anytime I felt like it. I often fucked him two or three times in a night, I just couldn't get enough of feeling him wimper and beg me to stop. To tell the truth, I loved it!

After finding "MySissyHusband.Com" I have learned that there are a whole lot of strong dominant women who like to claim - "I FUCKED MY HUSBAND IN THE ASS!!"

Sissies beware!


Posted: Friday 2nd September 2005, 12:34 PM

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